Chinese journalist stranded in Thailand

Chinese journalist stranded in Thailand - Radio Free Asia, March, 2009
...Zeng said unidentified men had paid him visits beginning Jan. 7 and tried to intimidate him.
"This made me think that perhaps the Chinese government was putting pressure on the UNHCR in Thailand, and causing problems for my asylum application."
"On Jan. 7 I got a threatening phone call. The caller said I would have to suffer the consequences if I wrote articles criticizing China," Zeng said.
"The second incident happened one evening when I went out for a walk. I had just got to a bridge at the mouth of the alleyway where I was living, and two small vans drove recklessly towards me, brushing past me very close. Why didn't they use headlights? It was already dark," he said.
"The third incident was in the last few days. Somebody started banging on my door in the middle of the night. I asked who it was, but there was no reply..."

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