Princesses of Siam

(Source: undated photo)

Princesses of Siam - March 18, 2009
A handwritten caption written in Thai on the back reads: The photograph shows the princesses of Siam, who were daughters of King Rama V the Great.
Names of princesses from front line to rear [all the names were recorded in abbreviation followed the names royally given to the princesses by King Rama V- all the princesses were titleholders] 1. Sujitra 2. Adisai 3. Hem 4. Wapee 5. Sutathip 6. Walai 7. Chandra 8. Nipanoppadon 9. Malineenopdara 10. Ornpraphan 11. Jutarat 12. Worrarak 13. Beatrixpatra 14. Yaowaman 15. Chareonsri 16. Prapapanpilai 17. Atcharaphan 18. Yaowapa 19. Artorn 20. Pravesworasamai 21. Sasipong

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