Passover travel warnings issued for Sinai, Turkey, Thailand

Passover travel warnings issued for Sinai, Turkey, Thailand - Ynetnews, March 9, 2009
Bureau calls on Israelis not to visit Sinai, issues terrorism warnings for Turkey, Thailand - Just before the Passover holiday, the Counter Terrorism Bureau...

A day later this article's title was changed to Passover travel warnings issued for Sinai and the Thai mention in the subheading was gone.

Another article that references the original Thai warning: Pessah warning: Stay away from Sinai - jpost, March 9, 2009
...It also warned against visiting northern Nigeria, several spots in Thailand and the Malaysian border, and said there was a "basic concrete threat" on the Kenyan coast.
Regarding Turkey, the Philippines, Thailand and Uzbekistan, the National Security Council said there were risks of "chance terror attacks" and advised Israelis there to take special precautions.

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