Q and A: Thailand’s former PM Thaksin Shinawatra

Q and Thailand's former PM Thaksin Shinawatra - Time, March, 2009
...Last time you spoke with TIME in January 2007, you said you were finished with politics and that you would retire. What changed?
[My political opponents] have been bullying me politically nonstop since then. I already declared that I wanted to retire. I wanted to spend my life with my family. But they were bullying me. The rule of law is not there [in Thailand]. The democratic process is not there. That is too much. All of my supporters urged me: 'you have to come and fight back politically.' They want [Thailand] to come back to a mature democracy...

From Not the Nation: Thaksin raising army of orcs
..."This is nor ordinary army," explained army chief Anupong Paojinda. "These U-rak-thai do not fear sunlight or the seniority of puu yai. They cannot be placated by Buddhist abstractions about karma, or by casting spells of nationalism. Even our royalist amnesia weapons have no effect on them. In other words, they are not human. Or at least not Thai."
...Privy Council head Prem Tinsulanonda has been entrusted with the defense of Dusit and the residence of His Majesty. Appearing for a press conference on the Makkawan Bridge, Prem, dressed in a long white robe and sporting a newly grown white beard, explained his strategy by raising his gnarled wooden walking staff and pounding it into the pavement. "They shall not pass!" he exclaimed, as the bridge cracked beneath his feet. Two reporters from Channel 7 and one from Al-Jazeera were injured when the bridge collapsed into the klong.

No Thaksin blog post? - March 6, 2009
We also note Thaksin has missed his monthly blog post which came out on the 6th of each month like clockwork.

Earlier: Thaksin's latest blog entry - buildingbetterfuture.org, February 6, 2009
From his secret location, Thaksin releases his second blog entry: Literacy is key to competing in a rapidly changing world
So far these rather generalized articles seem to be coming out on the 6th of each month.

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