The project of road construction line A B and E

(Photo: Sadortu for

It reads: Department of Rural Roads, road construction office
Road construction: The project of road construction line A B and E
The Tak's Office the Public Works and Town and Country
Planning, the length of 5265 kilometer
Hired company: Phra Nakorn Sri Ayuthaya Commercial and Industrial Co., Ltd
Contact begins on September 3, 2008
Due date of contact ending February 13, 2009
Budget: 177,000,000.00 baht
Construction supervision team Monchai Prasithiwong Civil Engineer head (level 7)
Visuth Thongthab - Civil engineer
Phone number 0-5553-4115
The project operation relies on the tax income from the public
The picture on the right side shows the scenery along the road side following the project plan.

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