Elite Card Abandoned

Elite card abandoned - Bangkok Post, January 29, 2009
...The loss-making Thailand Elite Card, launched in 2003 to lure wealthy tourists and business people to Thailand, will be scrapped, a government spokesman said. Only 2,570 were members in 2008.

Earlier: Thailand Elite cardholders reassured - The Nation, January 17, 2009
The Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thailand Privilege Card insisted yesterday that privileges for Thailand Elite cardholders remained unchanged, despite a recent mailing to members that benefits would be done away with completely...

Earlier: Playing with the wrong card - The Standard, October 23-24, 2004
Even those rich enough to have bought a Thailand Elite Card are too embarrassed to talk about it. And even after it was put on the market a year ago with overt government backing - including the imprimatur of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra - not even the government bodies responsible for the card want to talk about it now...

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