Sawasdee the year 2009

(Source: Matichon)

Sawasdee the year 2009 - Matichon, December 31, 2009

Sawasdee [Welcome] the year 2009
Welcome New Year 2009 despite being shocked
As last year was the year of struggles to death
Many died and many suffered injuries
From the lacking of wisdom
May this new day of the new year and the new [political] pole
Maintain good values and survive
Without regard to political poles that is less important than the public's severe mourning
And get rid of the entrenched corrupted generation
And get rid of the leeches
To serve even in the time of poorness
As men who are born equally
To make Thailand the land of no slavery where money simply buys everything
With concern about the bad results that return to the bad people
And learn to become the people of no slavery

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