Cast adrift – Myanmar’s unwanted human flotsam

Cast adrift - Myanmar's unwanted human flotsam - The Economist, January 22, 2009
[Thanks to Marc for pointing this out.]

Fears for 126 Rohingya rise as Thais deny holding them - International Herald Tribune, January 23, 2009
...Amid persistent reports of a shadowy arm of the army towing 992 Rohingya out to sea last month in engine-less boats and leaving them to die, the U.N. refugee agency asked Bangkok on Tuesday to see the 126, most of whom it said were in army custody on an Andaman Sea island.
The Foreign Ministry said that was no longer the case, citing the army's Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), which admits to overseeing the arrest and detention of the group of Rohingya, a Muslim minority from northwest Myanmar.
"The latest information that we have from ISOC is that there are no longer any Rohingya left in Thailand," deputy ministry
He refused to answer repeated questions about the current whereabouts of the 126, or say where, when and how they left the country...

Hundreds of Burmese migrants arrested in Maesod - Network Media Group, January, 2009
[This is in Burmese so we are not sure of the details...]

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