The Pheu Thai Party

The Pheu Thai Party - Matichon, December 16, 2008
It reads: The Pheu Thai Party for the future of Thailand and the happiness of the whole nation. The Pheu Thai Party is the newly founded political party that holds a vision to learn and be aware of the past, being happy at present and paves a bright and well-to-do future for every Thai.
The principle is learning from the Thai Rak Thai, both from success and mistakes in the past to create a new future for Thailand and our next generation for the happiness of the whole nation amid the economic crisis in present world. We invite everyone who is ready to serve the nation and the people to join as party members. The applicants are required to be qualified and have visions as to following:
1. Holding tight to the constitutional monarchy
2. Opposing coups both the military coup or the coup by judicial power or independent organizations as tools to destroy politics abusing of power of the people
3. Detest injustice and the persecution of the dictatorship
4. Respect the decision of the majority of the people and law
5. Love the people and ready to devote oneself for the people
Those who are fully qualified according to the law as MP candidates with the 5 principles above are invited to apply at the Pheu Thai Party...

The Pheu Thai party logo (below) is a combination of the Thai Rak Thai logo (above left) and the People Power Party logo (above right).

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