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Google Zeitgeist Thailand - December 24, 2008
It reads: The year 2008 is the year of change for Thais. Certainly, many use Google to search for information about this change. The fastest rising key words are also the wordings associated with the royal monarch such as the song "Saeng Nung" (One Light) composed in honor of Her Royal Highness Galyani Vadhana, the late princess. The other fastest rising words are words related to the popular social networking website Hi5. Tourism in the country is another topic that greatly attracts peoples' interest. The search reveals that the hill resort Pai becomes more popular. Entertainment and showbiz is another topic interesting to Thais. This can be proved by the searching of names of superstar such as Lula  Mario and the recently passed away country singer Yodrak. We collect the fastest rising words below. The words are recorded as most searched for words of the year 2008. Explore and share the zeitgeist or the soul of time of Thailand in the year 2008!

Fastest Rising
1. Code  hi5
2. Decorate  hi5
3. imeem
4. skin
5. hi5
6. music code
7. TV watch
8. TV
9. Music download
10. "Puan jai noi" song

Most Popular
1. Music
2. Game
3. Listen music
4. job
5. hi5
6. picture
7. car
8. download
9. home
10. mp3

1. Sang Nung song
2. HM King's sister
3. King Rama V
4. Chakri Dynasty
5. Mother Day
6. Royal Household Bureau
7. Royal project
8. self sufficiency economy
9. royal works
10. HM King's picture
1. Beijing 2008 Olympics
2. Olympics torch relay
3. Olympics international boxing
4. Olymp.ics weight lifting
5. Olympics gold medal
6. medal prize summary
7. swimming
8. Gae Prapawadee
9. Manus Boonjamnong
10 Somjit

Fastest raising words about local celebrities
1. Lula
2. Jeeja
3. Aon
4. Yodrak
5. Mario
6. Note Udom
7. Four
8. Dome
9. Toey
10. Peoy

Fastest raising words about local destinations
1. Pai
2. Hua Hin
3. Cha-um
4. Pattaya
5. Wang Nam Khiew
6. Khud Island
7. Ancient City (Muang Boran)
8. Samet Island
9. Chang Island
10. Phuket
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