Thailand’s drinking culture and the stock market

Thailand's drinking culture and the stock market - Bangkok Post, November 21, 2008
...According to the Centre for Alcohol Studies, Thailand is reported to have the highest alcohol intake in Asia, followed by Korea and Japan. Intoxication is the leading cause of road accidents (72.7%) killing 14,000 and injuring 900,000 people annually, and leading to property damage (45.3%), rape and sexual assaults (20.8%).
In recent years, drinking among teenagers 15-19 years old has increased by 45%, and among women by 30%. Around 60 alcohol-related diseases include liver, colonic cancer and brain damage. Among those who drink regularly, 59.1% suffer from high stress, 48.6% from chronic depression, 11.9% are suicide risks and 11.3% have murderous tendencies. Violence in households increases four-fold.
The government collects a total of around 72.9 billion baht in taxes from the industry each year, compared with the estimated economic loss of 150.6 billion baht from the problems mentioned above. At the same time, people spend more than 200 billion baht annually on alcohol consumption...

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