Thailand and Cambodia face off again – for what?

Q+A: Thailand and Cambodia face off again - for what? - Reuters, October, 2008

FACTBOX: Preah Vihear, a source of Thai-Cambodian tension - Reuters, October, 2008
...In the run-up to the 1962 World Court ruling, Thailand's military government organized a fund-raiser in which every citizen donated 1 baht to pay for Bangkok's legal team at The Hague.
...In June 1979, Thai soldiers forced 45,000 refugees from Pol Pot's "Killing Fields" to descend the heavily mined escarpment back into Cambodia. "Several thousand died, either shot by Thai soldiers to prevent them trying to cross back, or blown up in the minefields," British historian Philip Short wrote in a seminal biography of Pol Pot...

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