Thailand’s secrets in jewelry industry bared

Thailand's secrets in jewelry industry bared - Sun Star, September 6, 2008
...With the special zones opened to foreign investors, Thai entrepreneurs sought foreign partners, particularly the known jewelry makers in France and Italy. When the foreign jewelry-makers took the bait, they also brought in state-of-the-art techniques and the machinery of producing quality jewelry items in large quantities.
The Thais, even if only a few of them spoke good English, joined international trade fairs displaying the best of their glittering goods and kept on cornering more orders. From a few million dollars in sales at the beginning, the Thai jewelry industry proved to be a winner. By last year, the industry has become the second biggest exporting industry in Thailand...
In sharp contrast, the Philippines' jewelry export industry, despite the abundance of gold, silver, and other precious metals produced by local mines, plus natural and cultured pearls, grew at a snail's pace to peak at $45 million last year while that in Thailand was zooming forward.

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