Cypriot faces 15 years’ jail in Thailand

Cypriot faces 15 years' jail in Thailand - Cyprus Mail, September, 2008
...He described his appalling prison conditions and pleaded to be allowed to apologise.
"I want to immediately apologise to the royal family for my reckless choice of words," he said from Bangkok Remand Prison.
"I want to write a comprehensive letter with the greatest humility to the Thai people for the way the Thai press presented what was written in the book."
Bail of 500,000 baht (10,000) raised by his girlfriend and her friends has been refused.
Nicolaides said he entered the prison on Monday a healthy man, but he now had swollen lymph glands, chest pains, constipation and stomach cramps and could not eat.
Almost all the other inmates in his cell were coughing and wheezing, he said. "There is a rumour going around that some of them will be transferred to the tuberculosis ward, which is terribly overcrowded..."

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