Worse than a coup

Worse than a coup - The Economist, September 4, 2008
...The PAD's leaders, however, are neither liberals nor democrats. A gruesome bunch of reactionary businessmen, generals and aristocrats, they demand not fresh elections, which they would lose, but "new politics," in fact a return to old-fashioned authoritarian rule, with a mostly appointed parliament and powers for the army to step in when it chooses. They argue that the rural masses who favour Mr Thaksin and Mr Samak are too "ill-educated" to use their votes sensibly. This overlooks an inconvenient electoral truth: the two prime ministers had genuinely popular policies, such as cheap health care and credit...

Directionless Thailand falters on world stage - The Nation, September 4, 2008
It must be pretty awkward for Asean senior officials who have been meeting in Hua Hin over the past two days to work out plans for the upcoming Asean summit, which Thailand will host in mid-December - a little more than three months away.

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