Citizen Juling

Citizen Juling - September 22, 2008
From a press release: How did a young idealist, Buddhist art teacher Juling from the far North, end up lying comatose in a pool of blood at a village kindergarten school in the deep Islamic South? Colourful human rights activist and senator Kraisak Choonhavan goes on the road to understand what happened and why. Definitely not a straight enquiry into the Southern Unrest in Thailand, this strange documentary takes a deep-immersion trip into the country's soul with all its bizarre scenes. From the opening among ecstatic royalist crowds on the streets of Bangkok on Coronation Day in June 2006, to the festive military coup d'etat that ends it, the filming co-incides with the last four intense months of the Thaksin Shinawatra government, under which thousands died in extra-judicial killings and many disappeared.
Bangkok Film Festival 2008

'Citizen Juling': Exploring a Thai woman's death - IHT, September 9, 2008
'How do you make a film about a girl who could never give you an interview, because she's in a coma?" asks the Thai artist Ing K in a recent film festival blog entry.
The answer: with the Thai contemporary art photographer Manit Sriwanichpoom and the controversial opposition senator Kraisak Choohavan. The three collaborated in producing "Citizen Juling," an intelligent and timely documentary that explores the circumstances surrounding the death of Juling Pongkanmul, a teacher from northern Thailand who was assaulted by Muslim women in a village in southern Thailand's war zone in May 2006...

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