Bangkok Mediplex

(Photo: Bangkok Mediplex)

Bangkok Mediplex - September 18, 2008
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From a press release:
Fun facts about Bangkok Mediplex
* Each floor's colour represents the five elements (Wu Xing), often found in Chinese medicine and Feng Shui. Each element has a different colour identity and represents each floor and interior space. (They tend to behave somewhat like the physical entities).

The elements are:
Fire (red - basement) Earth (amber - 1st floor)
Wood (green - 2nd floor)
Water (blue - 3rd floor)
Metal (white - surrounding space)

* The structure of the building's facade was inspired by "Cell Expansion" and represents the human skin cell pattern.

* The logo has evolved from "human tissue" and has a more lively and dynamic character.

* Signage columns and light poles are based on the "Human Spine" and the way it "twists" like DNA. There is also a DNA portrait pattern on floor tiles inside the complex.

* The lemongrass lawn in front of the complex is a natural / therapeutic feature...

(Photo: Bangkok Mediplex)
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