Signs at Chaing Mai University – Join the PAD

Young PAD asks Chaing Mai University's undergraduates [literally "young elephants"] to go to Government House after the final examination - Call for enrollment 0834805145

Signs at Chaing Mai University - Join the PAD - September, 2008
Sardatu reports: After the seminar on discussion of the political topic "PAD meets college students" was hosted at the Chiang Mai University on September 19, 2008, many Chiangmai University undergraduates were invited to join the PAD rally storming of the Government House compound during the semester close.

The National Democratic College Student Power Group joins hands with the Juvenile Network of the People's Alliance for Democracy (Young PAD) - Is politics a complicated matter? - Should college students neglect the situation? - Ideal college students who have interests in politics are invited to join our activities after the final examination.

Invitation to join the seminar on discussion of the topic PAD and college students - On Friday September 19 from 6 pm at professor's canteen at Chiang Mai University

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