Director offered edit on pic cut from Bangkok

Director offered edit on pic cut from Bangkok - Hollywood Reporter, September 25, 2008
..."We made the film to expose the hidden reality in Thailand and in the whole region," Sakamoto said. "We just wanted to know the reaction and impression of what Thai people thought about it, and we're really sorry that they will not have the opportunity to do so..."

Bangkok fest bans film for second year in a row - Hollywood Reporter, September, 2008
...On the opening day of the sixth annual Bangkok fest, Junji Sakamoto, the director of "Children of the Dark" -- which organizers last week barred from screening in the festival on the grounds that it lacked the proper permits -- announced a news conference for Wednesday.
"This film must be shown (to) all of the world, especially in Thailand for the children's future," Sakamoto said in a statement. "To stop this film is the same as shutting children's futures, also shutting the future in the country."
Festival artistic director Yongyoot Thongkongtoon told The Hollywood Reporter that the ban of the Thai-Japanese co-production was more about the subject matter and the image problem it represents for Thailand...

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