Fireball over the Gulf of Thailand

Fireball over the Gulf of Thailand - August 16, 2008
Craig writes: Dropping you a line to alert you to a possible breaking story that might not make the mainstream media. You seem to be the best source for unusual news stories in Thailand in English.
Last night a huge ufo streaked across the sky and was seen to disappear with a huge white flash, possibly into the sea, north east of the Gulf. It occurred around 9:45pm [August 16, 2008]. Witnessed from Koh Tao facing the north eastern sky, it moved slowly and produced a very large white flash on hitting the sea (we think). No waves were recorded here on Koh Tao as a to result. Possibly a meteor, although the white flash is not consistent. It is also possible it went over the horizon although it appeared to land in the gulf.
I am unsure if the party revelers on Koh Phanghan would have seen this event, or noticed it for that matter, although it was witnessed by hundreds on Koh Tao from the main beach.
A few people are intrigued here as thai navy and underwater observation and retrieval ships are here as well. Maybe only a coincidence. Drop us a response if you hear anything from your sources.
We so far have no reputable sources covering this intriguing story and we are hoping you can find some information...

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