Bar girl and the expat: a killing foretold

Bar girl and the expat: a killing foretold - Guardian, August 17, 2008
...But the bitter consensus was also that after all the publicity had died down Beeston's wife would be granted bail and freed. 'She's got the money, and with money cases just get dropped,' said Herrington.
Then the conversation turned to the future and who was 'next for the bullet'. They agree they know the identity of the marked man. He lives about 20 miles away and is having some major problems with his Thai wife. 'Yep,' they chorus, 'for sure.'

Where an older man can think he is debonair - Guardian, August 17, 2008
...'Where else can an old man go to bed with a beautiful 20-year-old girl?' one elderly Brit asked me with a gleam in his wrinkled eyes. 'Do they love it? Why not?' he laughed. 'I pay them enough...'

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