The passing of Yodrak Salakjai

The passing of Yodrak Salakjai - August 15, 2008
Chang Liu writes: So I noticed there's not much information on about popular Thai culture, yet this past week was a momentous one in the life of the average Thai, more specifically the working-class Thai, who as you know loves the melancholic charm of "look-toong" (Thai country music, for want of a better term). This momentous event, which doesn't seem to have been mentioned much in other English-language Thai media, is the passing away of Yodrak Salakjai, perhaps the greatest star of look-toong music, on August 9, of cancer. The headline means: "Look-toong world saddened by Yodrak's passing away".
The article's a bit long, but there are interesting photos at the very end.
Also here.

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