Vatana in hiding ahead of court verdict, but still pulling strings

Vatana in hiding ahead of court verdict, but still pulling strings - Bangkok Post, August 7, 2008
..."For many nights, Mr Vatana joined parties with Cambodian leaders to celebrate their recent election victory. Other times, he was seen side by side with Cambodian leaders at the Venetian Resort in Macau," said a source.
Though "missing" in Thailand, Mr Vatana can still wield influence from afar. He gave advice to the government on who should get what posts in the recent cabinet reshuffle...
[Further down is a funny recounting of the disgruntled Isan Pattana faction's confrontation with Samak after the reshuffle.]
Mr Samak finally agreed to see them and after seating them at a table, lost no time bemoaning the countless obstacles he faced in drawing up the latest cabinet line-up.
But he was cut short by the irate faction members, who reminded him they were there to talk about their problem, not to listen to his moaning...
Mr Santi cut in by suggesting the MPs should have called and discussed their problem with him. Again, the group's response was a loud whack on the table.
The angry MPs recited Mr Santi's phone number and said they called him hundreds of times, but he did not pick up the phone.
"You people don't know anything about sincerity, do you?" said one Isan Pattana member...

THAILAND: A model for emergency medical response - AlertNet, August 5,2008
...A key finding, according to hospital officials, was that while most patients were medical emergencies not traumatic injuries, some 80 percent of the trauma injuries were from motorcycle accidents and 90 percent of in-hospital mortalities were from such injuries...

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