Enforced disappearances a blight on Thailand

Enforced disappearances a blight on Thailand - The Nation, August 30, 2008
...The latest and most blatant case of an enforced disappearance in Thailand occurred in February of this year in Khon Kaen, the gateway to the Indochina region. Kamol Laosophaphant, a well-to-do family man, disappeared from a police station in Khon Kaen as a result of his strong campaign against corruption within his community. Kamol knew it was dangerous to challenge the authorities and the alleged corruption in the province. Before his disappearance, he made repeated calls from the police station to confirm his location. The line was cut while he was making his final call to his family. His family hasn't heard from him since. Kamol's wife is afraid to leave her home out of concern for her safety...

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