Pheu Thai party in talks on new home

Pheu Thai party in talks on new home - Bangkok Post, August 23, 2008
...Sakda Khongphet, a PPP MP for Roi Et, said Pheu Thai was ready to enter the political race as the Election Commission had already endorsed the party.
He said all factions of the PPP, including veteran politician Newin Chidchob's faction, would move to Pheu Thai if the PPP was dissolved.
''Mr Thaksin earlier told me the PPP would not survive. However, we are not worried as some phuyai [senior figures] in our party have already prepared the Pheu Thai as a new home.
''Those who see the abbreviations or the logo of the new party will understand that it is Mr Thaksin's party. Thor means Thaksin and Phor means Potjaman [Mr Thaksin's wife],'' said Mr Sakda...

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