The Top 15 Wealthiest Royals

And the story from the print version of the magazine: The Top 15 Wealthiest Royals

Also from the print version:
The Crowning Fortune
...Last year FORBES ASIA valued it at a conservative $5 billion. Other estimates have put it at $8 billion. But this year--using an exhaustive academic study of the monarchy's investment arm, the Crown Property Bureau--FORBES ASIA now values the fortune at $35 billion.
...But bureau adviser Aviruth says simply: "The utmost aim [of the bureau is] to uphold the royal prestige and kindness of the monarchy. We feel that - we should - disclose certain information for the benefit of the public."

Thailand rebuffs Forbes' claims about king's wealth - AFP, August 23, 2008
..."Forbes has included land and other assets belonging to the Crown Property Bureau, which is not in His Majesty's personal net worth," it said...
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