Gary Glitter tricked onto flight back home

Gary Glitter tricked onto flight back home - Times, August, 2008
[More than one reader pointed out that this article is the very definition of a face-saving story. When the real story is about how British and Thai authorities were embarrassed by the Gary Glitter situation, the solution is to release a timeline claiming it was all part of a plan and Glitter was the one who was tricked instead.]
...By 7pm Glitter was in seat 11B, a glass of champagne beside him and happily unaware that he had fallen into a trap. He planned to stay in a luxury hotel in Wanchai and used the phone on his arm rest to summon a friend to collect him at the airport.
But Thai Police informed Hong Kong Immigration that he was coming and they agreed on a plan. He was arrested on arrival.
By 1pm today Gary Glitter was back in Bangkok and, this time, Thai Airways brought the deportation papers they needed - issued by the Hong Kong police...

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