Microsoft expands software accessibility for Thailand

Microsoft expands software accessibility for Thai consumers Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 now available at 3,250 baht for students and home users in Thailand - Thaipr, August 4, 2008
[Hard to see how this is a realistic price considering the typical Thai salary and when pirated full versions are available everywhere for 100 baht.]
Microsoft (Thailand) Limited is encouraging more Thai consumers - specifically home users and students - to enjoy the genuine Microsoft user experience, by making the Home and Student edition of the Microsoft Office 2007 package available in Thailand at a reduced price of 3,250 baht - approximately 40% lower than that of the original price...
Following this success, Microsoft is now offering the product at a permanently discounted rate to home users and students in Thailand who are seeking basic computer functionality from core Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office OneNote...

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