Editorial Cartoons, January 2007

Editorial cartoon
Manager, January 31, 2007- Na Ban Bangkae [Ban Bangkae is the place where old people stay] by Buncha / Kamin
The word is the name of Suwannapoom Airport in Thai, but the letters are eaten meaning the airport was eaten by corruption.
Left to right: Corrupted [eaten] by the Democrat Party
by the Chat Thai Party
by the the Kitsangkom Party [Social Action Party or SAP Party]
swallowed by Thai Rak Thai Party

Editorial cartoon
Khao Sod, Yamyai, February 4, 2007
Top, left to right: Bad smelling around the world.
Thaksinomics is the best.
Do you hear? Suwannapoom breaks up.
Bottom, left to right: A poll said the government of old gingers still cheats. ["Old gingers" referring to the present government made up of elderly men. The small sign in the food reads "the nation's assets"]
Famous monk deceives female Aussie tourist to rape her.
Foreigners don't dare to come to Thailand because of afraid of Bombs - Bombs in the south - Bombs in Bangkok - Bomb newspapers

Shortcuts, Thairath, by Chai Ratchawat, December 24, 2006

From top left to right: Two missiles bearing the NCCC [The National Counter Corruption Commission] and ASC [The Assets Scrutiny Committee] acronyms are about to hit some people. The results of their actions, using a shortcut, are returning to them.

Some people who wanted to hit the jackpot by horse and boxing betting, lotteries and football gambling might end up committing suicide [because they were in huge debts].

Video clips – a quick way to become a star.

Bottom left to right: See death sooner if you drink and drive.

Camfrog – a shortcut to finding people who have something in common with you. [Camfrog was noted a site for Thai authorities to block since young people were posting racy videos of themselves on the site.]

Electric circuits love shortcuts, too. [electric shorts]

Editorial cartoon
Kom Chad Luek, January 20, 2007 - Singapore spits on the Thai regime

Editorial cartoons

Thairath by Chai Ratchawat, January 15, 2007
The problem of two families
Left: Son who makes trouble for father. [referring to Chaloem Yoobanrung’s wild, troublemaking son]
Right: Father who make trouble for kids. [referring to Thaksin's son who had to be questioned last week as the holder of Shin Corp. shares]

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