It is strange

"It is strange" - Kaolaoruammitr, Matichon, March 25, 2007

Top from left to right: Some TV channel--if we want to watch--we must go to Sanam Luang. [Reference to the protest against the banning of PTV. ]

When they [the military] revolted [against the government], we gave them flowers. At present we are afraid they will continue [holding] power.
[Across the tank: Continue holding power.]

Why are some people diligently leading lighting to the constitution?
[Left: P.M. from outside [non-elected PM] Right: amnesty [for the coup plotters]]

Bottom: Housewife and driver come back to be famous again.
[The words under each read Ua Arethorn driver and Ua Arethorn housewife. This is a reference to Thaksin's servants who held massive amounts of his wealth before his first government. Ua Arethorn is in reference to the allegedly corruption-ridden public housing project. We are not sure the connection between the two in the cartoon...]

We have good soldiers, but we did not send them to quell the southern thieves.
[On the van: Had Yai-Betong. This is a criticism of minivan massacre earlier this month that the military seems helpless to stop.]

He was PM for eight years, but he was not debated. Now he is debated at Sanam Luang.
[A reference to the two-term government of Prem that was never debated in a non-confidence motion. Now Prem is being assailed by protestors at Sanam Luang.]

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