Try diligently, but it is useless

Try diligently, but it is useless… - Kaoloaruammitr, April 1, 2007

Top left to right: Try to be nude, but couldn’t do merit. [A reference to the much-criticized nude photo shoot for an AIDS charity at a temple.]
The method of holding 30%. Try to hold, but the finance minister said it is only paper. [A reference to the controversial 30% withholding rule for foreign funds. The government later backtracked saying how the rule was written and how it is implemented are different things.]
Try waiting a month to know the cause of fish death, but still do not know yet. [Reference to the pollution that caused mass fish deaths in the Chao Phraya.]

Bottom left to right: Try closing Sanam Luang, but could not stop the mob. [Reference to the attempt to stop the PTV protests.]
Try to make it, but the PM did not agree. [A reference to Gen. Sonthi's suggestion to launch an emergency decree. Gen. Sonthi is shown holding a bomb indicating the expected violent aspect of such a decree.]
Try revolution [a coup], but nothing is better. [Meaning the country's situation has not changed much after the coup.]
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