Doubling the Rama 9 Bridge

Doubling the Rama 9 Bridge - October 26, 2006
Vin writes: I have found this website, it is the site prepared against the new bridge to be constructed parallel to Praram 9 bridge. It is the site made by a club named 'Praram 9 Bridge Lover Club' presenting the impact of the proposal to the existing bridge and community around the area. Although most of the information is provided in Thai, you can look at pictures on the eighth topic which many of them are very nice.

More: Mainly, they don't want this new bridge to double the existing one. But if the expressway authority still insist to do it, they prepare several suggestions to modify the new bridge to reducing the impact such as replicating the design from the old bridge or redesigning the slope or reducing the levels that overlap each other.
However, actually they don't want it. If you look at the possible routes for the bridge, this is the fouth option, and the route doesn't make sense. But it is likely that they gonna choose this route due to much less land owners to negotiate.

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