Postponement of election would yield only negative results

Editorial: Postponement of election would yield only negative results - translated and summarized from Matichon, October 4, 2007
Several ministers in the Gen. Surayud Chulanont’s government have already resigned, including Government Spokesman Dr. Yongyuth Maiyalarp. The National Legislative Assembly is now investigating the moral standing of members of the Cabinet, including Gen. Surayud.
It is rumored that Gen. Surayud may resign. The bomb attack on September 30, which injured two police officers, raised concerns among the public. People thought that the election, which has been scheduled for December 23, would be postponed by three to four months.
The rumor of the postponement of the election has affected people negatively. Those who understand the situation will know that only natural disasters and the destruction of the constitution can obstruct the election.
Thai people are now looking forward to voting on December 23. Other countries are also monitoring whether the election will be held as scheduled. All parties should urge authorities to push for a successful election and do not let some bad apples ruin it.
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