Editorial: At risk of losing face

Editorial: At risk of losing face - translated and summarized from Kom Chad Luek, October 8, 2007
The move to transfer Admiral Bannawit Kengrien from the position of Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence to a chief advisor position and run a disciplinary probe against him has drawn the public’s interest.
The reason people are interested is because of the purchase of weapons for the armed forces, including a Ukraine-made armoured vehicle, which cost nearly four billion baht. The purchase was not transparent and some groups are expected to illegally benefit from the action.
Several parties criticized the purchase of the Ukraine vehicle as it is an outdated one and may cause troubles. A Russian vehicle is more advanced by far. The purchasing process is also questioned.
As long as the force cannot clarify the decision and answer questions, the Ukraine vehicle issue will not end, possibly tarnishing the image of the armed forces.
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