Selecting upright senators

Selecting ‘upright’ senators - translated and summarized from Matichon, December 29, 2007
A committee is currently looking into the selection of ‘appointed’ senators in advance of a deadline set for this task on January 2. The committee is comprised of the following: The Constitutional Tribunal Chairman, the Electoral Commission (EC) Chairman, the Chairman of the Ombudsman’s Office, the National Counter-Corruption Commission Chairman, the Chairman of the Auditor-General’s Office, a Supreme Court judge and a Supreme Administrative Court judge. After the conclusion of this selection process, the EC will be forwarded a list of suitable individuals from many organizations & walks of life, and will have about one month to examine this list. Some of the 150 senators will be selected by an electoral process, while others will be appointed by the above-mentioned process.
I wish to comment that the process of selecting senators is likely to generate some doubt in the minds of the public, if it is not clearly explained to them. The selection of ‘upright’ senatorial appointees will severely test the abilities of the seven committee members, if they are to conduct the process with both impartiality and fairness.
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