It is just a wrong idea…

"It is just a wrong idea..." - Kaolao Ruammitr by Tin, Matichon, January 13, 2008

Top left to right:
* If you want to ask the graduate from abroad to be a clerical staff in the front office. [This refers to the news that Gen. Sonthi asked the daughter of Sodsri Sattiyatham, one of the Election Commission members, to be his clerical staff. This led some to believe this is a favor to Sodsri for favoring CNS positions.]
* If you want to blend oil and water (Under the water bottle: "Party 1," Under the barrel: "Party 2") [A reference to the complex negotiations to create a PPP-led government that includes minor, fractious political parties.]
* If you think that the “invisible foot” will allow you a three-month honeymoon period [Meaning that the military and other anti-Thaksin foes will continue to hinder and hamper the new government right from the start. A play on the "invisible hand" meaning the CNS and the Privy Councilor who were rumored to be interfering in the formation of a PPP-led government.]

Bottom left to right:
* If you want a guy like “Chaiwat” to step backward (In the box: "The first round of election invalid") [The man is Chaiwat Sinsuwong, a Democrat Party member who filed multiple complaints with the Supreme Court over alleged irregularities in the December 23 election. These complaints had the possibly of leading to a ruling that the December election was invalid.]
* If you think the “eel” keeps his words (On the flag: "Non truth-oriented") [Chat Thai leader Banharn is know as the "eel" because of his slippery ability to change political allegiances and go back on his word.]
* If you think the lady comes back to take care of her children, Oak, Aim and Ung-Ing. [The lady is Thaksin's wife Pojaman who returned to Thailand apparently to mediate in forming a PPP-led government. However, Pojaman claimed she returned only to see her children.]

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