Fighting for the speaker’s chair

Fighting for the speaker's chair - Arun, Krungtepturakit, January 24, 2008
The caption says something like "War of Angels." We are not quite sure that the point or joke is here. Anyone have an idea?
CB was quick to point out: The soap opera about bitchy air hostesses that is generating a lot of comment is called "Songkhram Nang Fah" which means "War of Angels" (I'd translate it as "Angels at War" or  "Warring Angels"). Air hostess have for obvious reasons always been called angels and "nang fah" is literally "Sky Lady" anyway. So it's a joke that the politicians are obviously no angels.
And futher adds: Interestingly, the Bangkok Post translates "Songkhram Nang Fah" as "Air Hostess War" while The Nation chooses "Battle of Angels". Without the underlying Thai, it looks like two different shows…

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