Yongyuth, the Refrigerator Man

Rewards - Na Ban Bangkae by Bancha Kamin, Poojadkarn, January 25, 2008
Left: Throw at this house, you will get a minister position. [A reference to protesters' attack on Prem's house in July, 2007 implying those who kept up the fight against the military and Prem will be rewarded in a new PPP government.]
Right: Attack this refrigerator, you will get the chairperson of parliament position.
[This refers to Yongyuth's role in leading a police team that raided a suspected drug dealer's house in Ayuthaya in 2004. The police "raid" on the house consisted of showering the house with bullets as Thai police normally kill drug suspects instead of apprehending them to prevent testimony that implicates the police in the drug trade. The elderly couple who lived in the house survived by hiding behind a refrigerator. The bullet-riddled appliance became a symbol in the press of the authorities' abuse of power and earned Yongyuth the nickname "Yongyuth, the Refrigerator Man."]

Yongyuth, the Refrigerator Man - Thairath by Chai Ratchavat, January 26, 2008
People call out to the chairperson of the house: Your respectful Chairperson of Parliament!
[The MPs hide behind refrigerators when calling on House Speaker Yongyuth famed for his involvement with a bullet riddled refrigerator (see above)]

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