Welcome home – Thakino Pikku

Welcome home - Matichon Weekly, January 25-31, 2008

It reads: Welcome home - Thakino Pikku

"Pikku" is the title for a monk and "Thankino" is the supposed name for Thaksin as a monk. The head monk would give each new monk a new monk-like name based on their given name.

From King Mongkut, who spent 27 years in a monastery after being outmaneuvered for the throne, to dictator Thanom Kittikachorn, whose return as a monk sparked student protests and the massacre of left-wing students, Thais have used the monkhood as a source of protection.


At the bottom left of the cover it reads: Let's run away.
[The sentence is a title of a recent Thai comedy movie. The speaker of the sentence should be a monk, considering the second person pronoun Yome]
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