Colors of the new cabinet

Colors of the new cabinet - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, February 11, 2008
When compared to the former ‘Old Ginger’ government, the new administration seems to be more highly-motivated - with its revival of populist policies such as the Ua Arthorn low-cost housing project
The new Minister of Foreign Affairs began his term with a speech that touched on his initial diplomatic engagements and the return of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. He might well have forgotten that he is supposed to be a representative of all Thai people, rather than just a Thaksin spokesman. Meanwhile, the Public Health Minister commenced the first day of his term with the announcement that compulsory licensing [of pharmaceuticals] was to be reviewed.
The Finance Minister has already hinted that the 30% Reserve Policy will be scrapped, while the Education Minister has indicated that he will revive the Student Loan Program.
The Interior Minister has vowed he will eliminate the widespread availability of illegal drugs. He might wish to remind himself, however, that his position no longer possesses quite the same power it once had.
In conclusion: Many new ministers have shown their willingness to engage in productive work. To be successful in their endeavors, and to build public trust, they would be wise to mull over the thoughts contained in his HM the King’s recent speech - as spoken to them on the occasion of their being sworn in.
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