Government must assign jobs to the right people

Government must assign jobs to the right people - translated and summarized from Krungtep Turakit, February 13, 2008
The Samak 1 administration has put together its policies, and is preparing to announce them to Parliament. The new government says that these policies will help the general public, stimulate the economy and ease the unrest in the three southernmost provinces. It also says it will proceed with a number of transportation and waterworks mega-projects, in the belief that such policies will help to expand the economy. A large budget will also be allocated to boost the country’s ‘grassroots’ economy.
These policies should be closely monitored, as their success is all-important to the country’s future. Some will agree with these policies, and some will not. The most interesting aspect of these policies is, however, their populist element  - which some believe could spell trouble for the future of this country.
For the time being, however, we must let the government carry out these policies, in order to see whether they lead to good or bad results. Nonetheless, it will be essential that this government listens to the opinions of the opposition.
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