Covers of weekly news mags

Covers of weekly news mags - February 13, 2008

Left: Nation Weekend - Overlook "Ugly" [a reference to the ugly cabinet, so-called because of the unqualified proxies in top posts]
Peddle to ask the favor of "God" [Not sure, but possibly a reference to the need of cabinet members to receive their instructions from Thaksin(?)]

Right: Matichon Weekly - Who R U? Santi Prompat
Santi Prompat, new head of one of the most "valuable" Thai ministries--Transport--apparently has no other qualification that he has managed a construction company. His real qualification is that he was an advisor to the transport minister in the last Thai Rak Thai government, Pongsak Raktapongpaisal. This likely indicates that Pongsak is really running the transport ministry policy. It is thought that the Santi appointment was one of the "ugly" nominations initially opposed by PM Samak who wanted one of his own allies in the post.
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