Don’t always use a majority viewpoint to judge things!

Don’t always use a majority viewpoint to judge things! - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, February 23, 2008 
Several Members of Parliament from the Democrat Party have expressed disapproval after Chalerm Yoobamrung - the Minister of the Interior - recently answered media questions about his policy to eliminate drug abuse. Chalerm announced that he would reapply the strict measures that were formerly used during the Thaksin administration, even if it leads to the deaths of 4,000 people.
These strict measures that Chalerm is proposing to employ again, were not carried out with regard to normal legal procedures during the Thaksin era. Statistics released by the Royal Thai Police show that in the case of 2,596 people who died during the previous implementation of these measures, only 1,164 were known to have been involved in the illegal drugs trade - while another 1,432 had no known connection to the trade.
A policy to eliminate illegal drug use is a good thing, and deserves admiration. The measures must be strictly implemented according to the letter of the law, however.
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