“Chalerm’s Angles”

"Chalerm's Angles" - Krungtepturakit, February 13, 2008
Chalerm's Angles: Special Edition "The birth of Ongkuleemarn"
Left: We are back.
Middle: Returning bigger than the past.
Right: Do you know who my father is? [During confrontations, the Yoobamrung brothers where reported to threaten people by saying "Do you know who my father is?" Their father is powerful and outspoken politician Chalerm Yoobamrung.]

[In the Thai-language world, the attempt to appoint the rambunctious and sometimes violent Yoobamrung brothers to ministerial aide roles in the new government is being defended with a comparison to Ongkuleemarn. Ongkuleemarn is a bad man in Buddhist lore who was told he could again immortality by cutting off the fingers of 100 people and wearing them as a necklace (the finger necklaces can be seen in the cartoon). The last finger to be cut off was from the Buddha himself. When it came time to cut the Buddha's finger, the Buddha prayed for the man and instructed him. This changed the man's heart and he reformed. So the comparison is that Wan Yoobamrung should be considered a reformed man despite his checked past. Not sure the significance of "Angles" instead of "Angels." Perhaps it is just a misspelling (?)]

Earlier: Putting pub brawls behind to become a ministerial aide - The Nation, February 9, 2008
Public Health Minister Chaiya Sasomsap Chaovarat Chanweerakul on Monday defended a decision to appoint a bully son of the Interior Minister as an aide in his ministry.
..."In the past, society saw this boy in a scary way but I see him as a well-mannered and polite boy," Chaiya said...

Earlier: Cabinet puts on hold controversial candidates for ministerial job - The Nation, February 11, 2008
..."About half of candidates nominated by the People Power Party are deemed inappropriate for the job," he said, though evading to comment on the qualifications of Wan Yoobamrung, son of Interior Minister Chalerm...

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