How to put the kingdom in order in an appropriate manner

How to put the kingdom in order in an appropriate manner - translated and summarized from Thai Rath, March 4, 2008
During the ‘Samak Talk’ program that was broadcast live on national radio and television channels last Sunday, Prime Minister Samak discussed audience feedback that favored people being allowed to gamble legally. The PM said that he agreed with such proposals, as government-sanctioned gambling was allowed in other countries.
The Thaksin Government also once proposed a plan to set up legal casinos, but the plan progressed no further. It did, however, manage to launched a government-sanctioned lottery - that it named ‘Huai Bon Din’. This populist measure was well-received by the public, but was terminated during the Surayud administration - with Prime Minister Gen. Surayud declaring it illegal.
The Surayud Government eventually attempted, unsuccessfully, to enact its own form of legal lottery.
We suggest that this elected government should revive the legal lottery, as it will undoubtedly generate high revenues for the country. We believe that all gambling activities should be legalized, and placed on a sound legal footing.
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