Invisible hand

Invisible hand -Thai Rath, March 2, 2008
Invisible hand (or unseen hand)
Top left to right: An invisible hand drove a car and just parked it until it was covered in dust. [Probably a reference to the gang that conned people out of their cars. Some of these cars were recovered at police stations where they had been parked.]
An invisible hand stole monk robes and things donated by Buddhists. [Probably referring to recent complains about thefts from wats.]
An invisible hand, please find my Persian cat wearing a diamond necklace and give him back to me. [Recently in the news: A man placed an expensive necklace he intended to give to his girlfriend around his cat's neck and the cat ran away.]
Bottom left to right: An invisible hand hid a million baht in cash under the bed donated to a temple. [Recently a million baht was found in the headboard of a bed donated to a wat.]
An invisible hand is trying to frustrate the premier for money. [PM Samak accused an invisible hand of hiring the media to write negative stories about him.]
An invisible hand called three ECT board members to make bomb threat. [Recently a bomb threat was made against Election Commission headquarters]

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