If magical powers existed…

If magical powers existed... - Matichon, March 2, 2008
If magical powers existed,
Top, left to right: Chaiya Sasomsap would be turned into Chaiya Mitrchai. [Chaiya, Minister of Public Health is ridiculed for his proposal to end compulsory licensing of drugs or it could be related to his unpopularity in the ministry after the transfer of the chief of the Food and Drug Administration. It is said he would like to be Chaiya Mitrchai, a Thai Likey hero.]
The Chairman would make the red cards white. [Yongyuth, the red carded speaker of the house, would reverse his fate.]
The puppet would give itself life. [PM Samak is widely regarded as a puppet of Thaksin.]
Bottom, left to right: The owner of this hotel [Peninsula Hotel where Thaksin stayed on his return from exile] would keep his “Chan Song La” home [Thaksin’s residence] under repair for a longer period of time.
[Thaksin claimed he had to stay at the the Peninsula after his return from aboard because his home was being repaired. Most people understood that Thaksin's safety could be assured better at the Peninsula than at his residence. The nearly 1,000,000 baht a night price tag for rooms for him and his entourage was widely reported in the Thai-language press.]
Meechai would turn his chair into NLA President so he did not have to blame the computer system. [Last year, NLA speaker Meechai Ruchuphan intervened in the drafting of key critical laws, personally entering details into the government computer even though he was not involved in the drafting committees or subcommittees. He blame this behavior on the fact that he was speeding the process on--instead on the widely held view that he was carrying out influence from the coup junta.]
Many people would make Thaksin Shinawatra and Sonthi Limthongkul forgetful. [Sonthi Limthongkul led the protests against Thaksin. This is saying many people wish these feuds would end.]

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