Unqualified ministers under consideration for dismissal?

Unqualified ministers under consideration for dismissal? - translated and summarized from Krungtep Turakit, March 10, 2008
Concerning the current attempt to gather the names of 20,000 public health officials in order to put pressure on the government to remove the Public Health Minister Chaiya Sasomsub. I believe that this is an opportune moment to examine closely what is really going on in this ministry. Soon after Chaiya took over his ministerial post, he was subjected to a barrage of strong criticism over his widely-perceived poor decision-making in a number of important cases that come under the ministry’s jurisdiction. These cases included his [initial] decision to scrap compulsory licensing of certain pharmaceuticals, and his transfer of the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ Secretary-General. The Public Health Minister has already demonstrated his imprudence on several occasions, and it now seems highly doubtful whether he possesses sufficient shrewdness of judgment to truly qualify for a ministerial post.
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