Senate’s most important duties are to restore faith and maintain freedom

Senate’s most important duties are to restore faith and maintain freedom - translated and summarized from Krungthep Turakit, March 3, 2008
The number of people who voted in the country’s Senate election was less than expected. This probably indicates that the public neither understand nor realize the importance and duty of the Senate as set out by the widely-criticized 2007 Constitution.
This failure could be because the public currently have no faith in the abilities of their elected senators. Indeed, this might even be because the public was dissatisfied with the work of previous senators. The public may lack understanding of the role of the Senate, and may also not realize the extent of its powers as laid down by the 2007 Constitution.
All 150 senators - both elected and selected under the provisions of the 2007 Constitution - should now demonstrate a unity of purpose, if they are to prove to the public that the Senate is fully capable of balancing and scrutinizing the work of both members of parliament and the cabinet.
All senators should be seen to work independently of parliament, and should not side with any one political party. In this way they may be able to restore public faith in their role, and strengthen and improve Thailand’s democracy.
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