Revising the Constitution for political advantage is inappropriate and unjust

Revising the Constitution for political advantage is inappropriate and unjust - translated and summarized from Krungtep Turakit, March 24, 2008
Three coalition parties - the People Power Party (PPP), the Chart Thai Party and the Matchima Thipataya Party - are currently applying pressure for the revision of several sections of the 2007 Constitution. The three parties claim that several sections of the publicly-endorsed Constitution are not democratic, and were included under the duress of the dictatorial power of the time. These three parties, however, have yet to directly mention an intention to revise Section 237 - which details the disbandment of any political party whose leadership breaks electoral law.
It is quite clear that this move is driven by the fact that each of the executive committees of these three parties has received a ‘red’ card for electoral misconduct. Indeed, the Constitutional Court is now considering whether to disband these parties. Although there are some sections of the 2007 Constitution that are clearly not democratic in spirit, it possesses - in its entirety - many advantages when compared to its predecessor.
Constitutional revisions could lead to a loss of good governance in the long term. They could also have an impact on the ability of this administration to deliver reliable governance to those by whom it was elected.
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